Can Not Open Pages Document After Macintosh OS Maverick Update

Just after I performed the Maverick (10.9) system update on my MacBook Air, I found that some of my Pages documents would not open.  I was told in a dialog box on my computer screen  that I needed a new Pages version and I was directed to the App Store.  The App Store showed that I had the current version.   I discovered that Maverick did update my older versions of iLife programs but failed to delete the former software.  It seems that some of my former documents were saved with the current new Pages version.  All of the iWork applications were now in the Applications folder as individual programs and not in the iWork ’09 folder.  Just to cover any future problems, I copied the iWork ’09 folder into my airport backup drive and then deleted that folder from my Applications folder and rebooted the computer.  Now there is no problem.  All my old Pages documents open up properly.

HP Photosmart D110 Failed After Installing Mac OS Maverick.

About a day or so after I upgraded to Maverick operating system into my MacBook Air, my HP Photosmart D110 printer went down.  It did this when I printed form Pages.  Every time I tried to print the sheet would print just a few lines and then the printer put a warning into the display window telling me to turn the printer off.  I did this over and over and it would just fail over and over.  I finally decided to delete the HP print drivers from my hard drive Applications folder.  In that folder, was an uninstall application.  Make sure you then use the Utilities > Activity Monitor program to quit any HP programs running.  Then empty the trash.  I then rebooted my computer to flush out any running print driver.  I then went into System Preferences > Printers & Scanners and viewed what print drivers I still had.  The HP Photosmart D110 scanner was still there but the print driver was gone.  I then mouse clicked on the plus sign and added the print driver.  After all that, the printer worked perfectly.