RepairitQuick product review.

RepairitQuick product review.

After we moved into our house it took some time to discover that the master bedroom sink on my side (dual sinks side by side) was leaking water.  I inspected the problem and found that the bottom casement was cracked.  It was obvious to me that this occurred during manufacture process and I supposed allegedly that no one had drawn attention to this defect with Meredith Homes within the warranty period.  Well it was obvious that I was stuck with the problem now.  I envisioned replacing the whole sink top, which was a huge beast, quite long.  I went to Home Depot and talked to one of the clerks.  He suggested a product called RepairitQuick, a multi-purpose epoxy.   A few months later, I tried to use this product.  It comes in a plastic tube.  One has to cut off how much you think you need and kneed it with your fingers so the two chemical components mix to a grey color.  One ingredient is white while the center ingredient is dark in color.  You have 4 to 7 minute work life and it sets up rock hard within 60 minutes so you had better know how what your going to do with it pretty quickly.  Well the stuff worked splendidly.  It has been in place for over one year without any leaks.  I just pushed the epoxy into the wide cracks and smoothed the outside surface to my liking and that was it.

I next used this product on my Toyota 4 Runner side passenger seat plastic side seat cover.  People would roll out of the seat and their rear ends would press down upon the side seat panel and break the front inside plastic mounting tab.  I used this epoxy to reinforce the tab and this worked for about four months or more until the next knuckle dragger broke my efforts.

The next use was to repair a table lamp.  The lamp allegedly was all-metal except if you looked inside the base there was a very thin plastic insert that acted as a spacer for the lamp.   If the spacer broke, the nut that held the bottom tight would be loose and because some idiot designed the lamp, one could not just thread the nut in closer.  I used the RepairitQuick epoxy to fill in the broken void.  I also went out and purchased a large fender washer and put in over the epoxy to offer some solid base for threaded pipe to be attached too.  This worked perfectly.  I recommend RepairitQuick as a homeowner toolbox item to be included.  It just has too many applications to be ignored.

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