Starring Roles Bakery – MGM Studios – Walt Disney World

Starring Roles Bakery – MGM Studios – Walt Disney World

Starring Roles Bakery – MGM Studios – Walt Disney World

This bakery is located right next to the Brown Derby Restaurant in the MGM Studios. There is no indoor seating, but there are several tables with umbrellas on the patio just outside the bakery. The tables have a good view of the action on one of the busiest corners of the MGM Studio and are great for people watching and taking a break.

I love this place. It’s great for a (relatively) inexpensive breakfast or a coffee break later in the day. It only stays open until about 3 in the afternoon (depending on the season) so check the hours posted by the patio.

Inside the bakery, one can get coffee drinks, soft drinks, hot chocolate and an assortment of pastries. To my regret they no longer seem to carry the yummy grapefruit cake (which is available next door at the Brown Derby restaurant). For breakfast fare the bakery offers several kinds of bottled juices, assorted muffins, bagels, etc.

My personal favorite is the bagel, cream cheese and salmon plate. The salmon comes either “pastramied” or smoked (i.e. lox). The plate also comes with capers and a HUGE portion of cream cheese. If you order a bagel and cream cheese alone, you don’t get nearly as much cream cheese. You can feed the bagel through the toaster device on the counter if you prefer it toasted.

The condiment bar is well stocked with napkins, cream and that sort of thing. The silverware, although plastic, is quite sturdy for spreading the cream cheese. Every time I’ve been there, there are also plenty of staff there sweeping up and keeping the area very clean.

This place is highly recommended by me. Don’t take all the lox. Thank you.

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