Tips on using a video camera.

Tips on using a video camera.

My sister wrote me to ask for advice using a video camera to cover a Macontosh user group. Here is my response:

I can tell you a couple of professional tips on using a video camera.

Tip #1: Use a tripod. There is nothing worse than jiggling images.
Tip #2: Make gentle movements, no quick jerks with the camera framing.
Tip #3: If you have to hand hold a video camera, set the camera to wide angle and leave it there. Do NOT zoom in unless you have to. Stay wide angle and frame your shot by moving toward or further away from what you are shooting. The trick is to stay wide angle. The resulting video will look quite good. If you see news video camera persons they do this all the time, which explains why they get so darn close to the people they are shooting.
Tip #4: Shoot the front of people’s faces. You do not have to be directly in front but we should see both eyes if possible. Ear shots are inferior. Showing the back of the head is inexcusable.

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