Is the Macintosh laptop really overheating or not?

Is the Macintosh laptop really overheating or not?

Dear Members (SBMUG),

My friend has a G3, 12″ laptop which she feels is overheating. She heard
that the problem might be one of three things:
The Battery
The Fan
Dust inside the case.

Does anyone have experience with this? Are there members that can fix
this problem?

Off list replies are welcome. Thanks.




Have your friend get this Widget: iStat Pro. It will show the temperatures inside the computer and if the fans are running or not. It is a really neat Widget utility.

I have a 1.67 GHz PowerPC G4 and I burn my bare legs every time I put the laptop on my legs in bed. So the first thing I purchased was a laptop cooling plate. The one I purchased is an aluminum plate that costs about $50, way over priced, but it should last longer than the laptop. The plate is tilted and the laptop sits on some spacers. Cool convection air flows below the computer to cool it or rather keep my legs from burning. Some day I want to flip the laptop over and try to cook an egg on it.

What I am getting to in a rather round about way is that the faster the processor speed, the more heat a computer will create and these recent year computers will get HOT. To make sure the laptop is not overheating would be shown by the iStat Pro software.

I do hope I am correct and there is no problem with the computer. A bad battery might cause more heat. I have noticed that my battery does get hot. If that is suspected, borrow some friend’s battery to see if it runs cooler.

Good luck,



Thank you so much for your reply. An excellent suggestion I would never
have thought of even though I have that widget. Unfortunately she’s
running 10.3.9 so no widgets. That plate thing sounds good as well. If
we figure out that it’s not something wrong with the computer and it’s
just a hot box, she might go for that.



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