Microsoft mouse model 1054.

Microsoft mouse model 1054.

This is an RF mouse, not Blue Tooth. It requires a USB dongle be inserted into the computer which I think is somewhat dangerous as it protrudes just over two inches. The specifications give this mouse a two foot range, I believe. I found that it was often times less than one foot. When playing World of Warcraft the mouse would loose contact causing numerous drop outs. I was embarrassed when I could not help other characters on quests and allowed a character to die because I could not get the mouse to respond in time. These momentary dropouts are not so much of a problem with text, database, spread sheets, and web design. For gaming the mouse was unsatisfactory in my opinion. I have a large hand and this mouse does not fill my grip. This mouse is intended for laptop use so the small size can not be argued with. The battery slide out chamber seems quite thinly made. When the AA battery is put inside, the mouse has a good weight to it. For the Macintosh computer, no driver is needed (another reason to buy a Mac). If I pull out the dongle from the laptop I do not get a “shame on you for removing a device” splash screen, which is quite nice.

Conclusion: For every day use that does not require complete uninterrupted use, this mouse is quite good. For gamers, because of the frequent drop outs, I feel this mouse is unsatisfactory

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