Black Mountain 2004, Fat Cat, Cabernet Sauvignon

Black Mountain 2004, Fat Cat, Cabernet Sauvignon

Good flavor. Excellent price. Enjoyable in all respects.

I am the canary in the coal mine. If there is any chemical additive in meat, I will get a headache. This is also some times true with wine. I can not figure out why I get headaches with wine. I do not think additives are the cause, but I am not sure of that. This wine created no headache the next morning.

My doctor told me to drink wine as it might help my symptoms from my blood thickening. In order to get the same benefits from drinking wine, I try to take Longevinex but the cost is close to $1 a pill. I love to sip wine and write this blog. I do not get headaches from Longevinex but some times it is just more fun to sip the wine instead of popping a pill.

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