CSUF Campus Photographer

CSUF Campus Photographer

In the early part of December 2007, the California State University Daily Titan, a student on campus newspaper, published a special newsstand edition on the 50th anniversary of the campus being in existence that long. Inside the paper were the usual uplifting articles. One article covered the campus photographer, Pat O’Donnell. Problem was, Pat O’Donnell was the Public Affairs photographer. He started in 1969 as a part time lecturer. About 15 years ago he was hired half time working for Public Affairs.

The truth was that a Mr. Mike Riley, started working for the Media Center in the early 60’s and was considered the campus photographer until a couple of years ago. Mr. Riley survived the huge management crash, which resulted in the closing down of the Media Center. Mike never ceased being the campus photographer until his retirement. Even though Mike retired in 2005, he is still called to do photo work for the campus. If an institution is celebrating being in existence for 50 years, looking more closely into the complete history of people who helped complete that achievement should be done with more accuracy.

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