Sony DSR 20, DSR30 DV Deck Repair

Sony DSR 20, DSR30 DV Deck Repair

Sony DSR 20, DSR30 DV deck

One or any combination of the following.

The video tape recorder would not accept a tape.
The VTR would not eject a tape.
The VTR would show an error code and fail to operate.

Remove the top cover.
Most of these video tape recorder decks will do a reset if you interrupt the power to the unit. Do not think by turning the machine off and then on again this will do a reset. Unplug the power cord.
Next, do a visual inspection with no power applied.
Apply power.
Try to load a tape. If a tape is already in the machine, view the action of the eject process. There is a white gear on the right hand side about mid way back from the front of the deck. View the action of this gear.
There are two gears on either side of the carriage that will move the carriage back and forth. Try gently to move the gears back and forth a bit to see if the assembly is seized (not normal) or there is some gear slack (normal).
If the gear, that we have identified from our past repairs and having a high probability for failure, has broken teeth the load mechanism will be frozen.

There is a very small toy like plastic gear that will have some gear teeth broken if the user presses too fast or hard on to a tape being inserted into the machine. The tape transport unit needs to be partially removed and the top carriage holder unit that holds the tape when it is inserted into the machine and carries the tape back to the head assembly needs to be removed. This is a rather involved process and should not be attempted by anyone not having a good dose of common sense and practical experience servicing decks and the service manual. It is recommended that a special Sony lubricant be applied to the gears. I noticed that the white gear would rub on the metal gear housing. I applied some light lubricant to the housing cover showing traces of contact.
Service manual gear location: page 6-4
Part reference number: 710
Part number: 3-967-591-01 Gear (B). List $4.80.
Lubricant part number: 7-651-000-09 marked “FLOIL SG-055G, 20g., List $14.50.

Sony DSR plastic gear which is the problem.

The information here is for educational and reference use only. Decide on your own how to proceed in performing any repair you face. We do not accept any responsibility for this information being entirely accurate. We hope it is accurate. Most of the information posed here has been noted to be significant, used in the repair process, and to some extent tested for accuracy through the actual discovery and recording of performing a repair. If you decide to use any of the information here, try to keep in mind that a number of factors may change when you attempt the “same” repair. Models do change from apparently being same units. Their are definitely different methods of making a repair. The steps that you should use to achieve a successful and expedient repair might be different. The problem you face with a piece of equipment might be similar but not an exact match to what we faced. Just use common sense and always be a bit skeptical of following our methodology until you feel that you and we share the same viewpoint and tactics.  

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