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Cruise To Alaska and Canada Technology Problems

As for weather, absolutely no provided information from the ship and my cell phone.  My cell phone, T-Moblie service provider, really was quite awful in Alaska and even in larger cities of Canada, such as Vancouver. It was not until I got into Washington and Oregon that it provided good service. Continue reading

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Polaris Pool Sweep, Fails To Move, Free Repair

The easy solution was that there were three wheels all the same in that they could be interchanged.  I needed the two drive wheels to be perfect.  The third wheel was not driven and it’s teeth did not matter.  I just switched out the back wheel with the flawed one and the unit worked.  This repair cost the customer nothing for parts, just labor. Continue reading

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Wrong Polaris Debris & Leaf Bag Saved Me About $30

The correct bag would have cost about $45. The new bag, my daughter purchased cost only about $13.  In just under 2 hours I had created a modification to the pool sweep that saved me just over $30. Continue reading

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Toyota Auto Service Problem

So what is the purpose of the call center?  When you drive into the dealership, there are two dedicated traffic lanes.  One if for no appointment and the other is for appointments.  I always pick the appointment lane.   But, I figure there is utterly no difference in both lanes.  Continue reading

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Windshield Wipers For Hook Arm Type Of Attachment For Automobiles

Goodyear wipers are simply awful to install. I had to view a YouTube video to get half the job done. The design of this product is simply awful. Continue reading

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Home Builder Plumber Errors.

We recently had a number of drain pipe problems occurring within a two month period at our two story home.  The three problems seem to be from suspicious causes. Mike’s (our plumber) observations: #1  With new home construction, when plumbing … Continue reading

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Milwaukee V-Jaw Pliers That Are Way Cool To Use.

I went shopping for a small crescent wrench at Home Depot.  I found a wonderful and rather clever designed pliers that would outperform just about any small wrench I have in my tool kit.  Here is what I like about … Continue reading

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Waterway Plastics Offers Substitution For Polaris Booster Pump.

Our family has an in ground back yard pool with two pumps.  One of for moving pool water through a filter so the water is made clean.  The second motor moves pool water from the pool filter exhaust out to … Continue reading

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Installing insinkerator Evolution Prestige Garbage Disposal.

It was a Thursday, July 20, 2017, when our garbage disposal failed. One of the grinding heads broke loose which caused the garbage disposal to nearly explode with noise and vibration. I dove for the on/off switch and shut the unit down. I fished out the broken piece. The disposal was way out of balance when I applied power again and shut the unit down quickly. I knew then I had to replace the unit. Continue reading

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