City Of Angels at CSUF

City Of Angels at CSUF

City Of Angels

There are two aspects to any play, the play itself and what the theatrical group does with it. I found both to be stellar. The play was clever, contrived, funny, suggestive, naughty, and a bit too long. The implementation by the CSUF theater group was so impressive that it should either be offered for the next six months in place so the rest of Orange County and LA County can partake in this jewel or take the production on the road. I think the cast and crew have reached a level that just might be “off Broadway” level of quality.

A bit of personal background can explain how I judged this play. I have put on a bit of weight. My waist has grown a bit to make my current slacks fit a bit too tight. Our family joined another family for dinner before going to this show. I was going to have a light dinner so I would be comfortable for the show. I did not follow my intensions. When in the theater I was a bit uncomfortable. My point is this. I forgot how tight my pants were throughout the show.

When attending a play it is nice to be surprised with pleasant aspects. Quite a few delights showed themselves in the show. First was the staging. The use of props, moving set pieces, lighting and sound all worked together in a clever way. Second was a very clever script, which must have been both a challenge and a delight for the director to orchestrate. Third was the way the director blocked the action, moved the sets in and out and across the stage. Fourth was the way the curtains created screen wipes, cutting and revealing parts of the stage, very clever and it worked perfectly. Fifth was the acting. The actors really were able to put themselves into the story so convincingly. Sixth was the singing, not perfect, but impressive.

This show should be offered, to the public, for a long run.

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