Financial Aid Problems At A California State University

Financial Aid Problems At A California State University

We received a private communication from a family that allegedly a series of mistakes were made for the deposit of scholarship money into their son’s account. The family counted at least six mistakes made over a six month period: “Wrong check numbers, wrong names, wrong amounts…”. If your student receives scholarship money, you might want to do what this family did. “He has his own checking account and a CD just for scholarships”.

Another problem came to light. It took the intervention of the parents to resolve the lost scholarship money. Every college and university wants the student to begin to act like an adult and try to resolve any institution issue without relying on anyone else. This student did just that beginning in August of 2007. This blog received this family communication in March 2008. The student claimed no one would deal with his problem for over six months! The student told his parents “what a difference in how you are treated when your parents show up with you”. Could it be that colleges and universities find it convenient to deal with timid young student populations rather than mothers and fathers?

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