3 Day is 1 and 3 Day is 5?

3 Day is 1 and 3 Day is 5?

I placed an order for Apple laptop, iTouch for my daughter and Apple protection for the laptop.

I added 3 day shipping so I could get my laptop in the hope it might arrive before the weekend.  Here is what went right and wrong with Apple’s shipping.

June 17, Tuesday, order was placed late in the evening so statistical purposes the order should start on the 18th.
June 18, Wednesday, The clock starts.  Credit card company called to authorize large charge against credit card by leaving a message on our answering machine.  We did not spot the message until later that day, which delayed the transaction from proceeding.
June 19, Thursday, iTouch  shipped from China.
June 20, Friday,  iTouch arrived in California (before 10AM) – simply incredible speed by FedEx!  This item was shipped 3 day, which was not my intent.  I really wanted the laptop to arrive in 3 days.

Note:  Later I contacted Apple and their representative took a screen shot of the iTouch  FedEx tracking screen.  The iTouch reaching me in one day from China.  The Apple representative had never seen that before.  We were both impressed.  I fantasized that FedEx had developed a cannon and shot the order over the Pacific Ocean.

Next we are to see that Apple screws up the 3 day shipping completely for the laptop.  I can only figure that they took it upon themselves to ship the iTouch as a 3 day and NOT the laptop.  The Apple representative told me that ALL items should have been shipped 3 days.    From my point of view, if I were to choose which item to ship within 3 days, the laptop  should be the 3 day shipping item and NOT the iTouch.  When you are paying $15 for 3 day shipping does it make sense to apply that to a much lower cost item?  I think not, unless you specify otherwise.  Apple representative said all items were paid for to be received in 3 days.

June 20, Friday it would appear that Apple has finally put my laptop together and it is ready to ship, two days later from when the order went in.
8:28 AM Package data transmitted to FedEx
3:12 PM Picked up. Package received after FedEx cutoff.
3:35 PM Left FedEx origin facility

June 21, Saturday,
10:00 PM, In transit; “Location Shanghai CN”.  Called Apple to find out why laptop showed still being in Shanghai.  I was told that once a day FedEx will scan any item still at their facility.  Apple drops 3 day shipping charges for this mistake.
June 21, Saturday,
3:46 PM Int’l shipment release, location Anchorage Alaska!  Looks like Apple never intended shipping the laptop within 3 days.
June 21, Saturday,
7:49 PM, Departed FedEx location, Anchorage Alaska.

I am still waiting to receive laptop.  This story will be updated as I find out more.

Here is what I think might have happened but I can not prove it.  I paid for 3 day shipping.  They provided 1 day on an item that comprises way lower weight and size.  Apple might hope that the larger item, the laptop, because it has to be built to specifications, allows them the argument that it will arrive later.  If the customer does not track the shipping, but only relies on the Apple notifications, they might not be any wiser.

Customer support is just wonderful.  The Apple product is wonderful.  Too bad that the Apple octopus has some arms that are working at hay seed level.

Our recommendations:
Buy your items from the Apple store.  I was told that the 4 gig memory would be put into a new machine in one day.  That was the only item that the Apple store needed to change for my purchase.  I feel so stupid ordering on line.

From our experience from Apple and other companies, 3 day shipping is a dice roll.  Each time we encountered a problem the fault lay with the vendor, not the shipper.

Our experience is that enhanced shipping methods do not work.  The fault lies with the vendors and not the shippers.

Watch out when you order any item using the Internet and you specify any enhanced shipping modes.  Take screen shots of what you pick at each stage of the ordering process so you can review and prove what you purchased.  Shipping charges typically come toward the end of the on line buying process and thus it is very hard for you to go back later to figure out what the process was that you and the vendor agreed to.

Good luck ordering on line with some vendors.

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