Contrived or Continuum?

Contrived or Continuum?

Zhenren: I have at times a feeling that all of this is a dream. Some times I feel I am at the center of the universe and this is a contrivance for some purpose. I feel at times that this is all a put up play for my benefit. Out of all the strange thoughts, I feel, at times, that I am destined to achieve great things just because I am at the center of all that is going on. It is this center viewpoint that is naturally so important to me. I feel cursed some times that because I see myself at the center people are looking at me, expecting me to become something special.  At other times I think all this is a huge accident, I came through the wrong door and entered a place I do not want to be in.  I wonder if this world will continue after I die. Is what I am seeing every day, what I experience every day, some god play thing?  Am I just a sophisticated toy for some giant being and this world is just a sophisticated game? At times I am very much alone with these thoughts. All these ideas run in my mind and I can not set straight what is going on, what to do.  I can not tell anyone about this or they will think I am insane.

Selene: A child in some far off land who has barely enough to eat or lost one or both parents, or is in the middle of a war will not have time for such thoughts. That child’s existence is so close to death that their only thoughts are of hunger and sorrow. The purpose of life is to survive for that child any you. You have been suddenly thrust into an utterly brief absurd existence full of sensory overload of sound, sights, touch, emotion, and thoughts. You are different from that child barely clinging to life because you have the time to reflect, think about a much better future for yourself. Reflection opens up possibilities and you can, at times, see yourself alone within this huge stage play we call life. You do have a degree of freedom to write your own lines in this play, set a course for yourself in the play, to gain some reward for your efforts. This is not a game contrived by a giant. You are not an ant inside some sophisticated ant farm. You have been dropped into an utterly fantastic evolution continuum for no purpose at all except what you can make out of all this. Out of this evolution continuum a species of animal evolved to such a high degree that it can understand its own existence. It can see itself separate from everything surrounding it, blades of grass, clouds, air, water, other animals. That ability to reflect is both a gift and a curse. Sit back and be stupefied by being suddenly dropped into this life theater or move forward, become a principal actor in this utterly fantastic absurd life you now lead.  The choice is yours.  The choice you should not make is to not finish this out.

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