The Blue Pearl Restaurant at The Dana at Mission Bay

The Blue Pearl Restaurant at The Dana at Mission Bay

The Blue Pearl Restaurant Review (The Dana at Mission Bay)

Rating: (Unable to rate, disappointed)
Today we drove up to The Dana at Mission Bay to have breakfast at their restaurant.  Years ago I remember having their yogurt, fruit and granola parfet.  When we arrived, we noticed two separate couples waiting to be seated.  No one was at the front desk.  Tables to the right and left of us were empty.  The restaurant had been redesigned since we last had a meal at this place.  We waited for the receptionist to come and more people came into the restaurant.  A family was ahead of us and when the employee manned the front desk we overheard that there would be a 15 minute wait.  My wife really gets upset when she sees a number of empty tables and being told here will be a wait.  I agree with her.  We left.  As we drove out of the restaurant parking lot, we saw another family who had just arrived before us leave the restaurant.   My wife and I both felt that because this restaurant is part of a very large hotel, away from competition, and associated with a marina they just might think they do not have to achieve an acceptable level of proficiency.

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