Red Marlin Restaurant at The Hyatt Hotel

Red Marlin Restaurant at The Hyatt Hotel

Red Marlin Restaurant Review (at the Hyatt Hotel)


Food: A++
Ambiance: A++
Service: A
Value: D

As we left the Blue Pearl Restaurant, to find another restaurant, I suggested we drive across the street to the Hyatt Hotel.  My wife was driving and I suggested we drive up through the front of the hotel so we could ask a bell hop the restaurant situation.  One of the bell hops, a blond young man, approached our car and told us that there was a restaurant on site that served breakfast.  We asked where to park out car and were told to drive around the side of hotel and park as we would be much closer to the restaurant.

Our unfortunate experience with the Dana turned out to be a wonderful discovery.  The Red Marlin Restaurant was indeed expensive but for good reason.  The restaurant was very large, spacious, up scale.  I was really struck by two factors. Everywhere you looked windows from ceiling to a short wall around the outside of the restaurant offered a wonderful unrestricted view of the marina.  The views were wonderful.  I do not think there was any bad seat in the whole restaurant.  The second factor was there was so much space to move around.

Red Marlin Restaurant

Our waiter showed up carrying shot glasses of berry flavor smoothie and a coffee creamer.  Starbucks coffee is served.  My wife and I love yogurt parfait so we ordered two at $8 each.  One milk for my daughter cost $4.  Coffee costs $3.  My daughter ordered pancakes at $12.  My daughter remarked about the presentation of the pancakes as they were ringed with raspberries.  She said the pancakes were very good.  Our parfaits were perfect.

Inside view of the Red Marlin Restaurant

Summary: This restaurant is very relaxing, spacious, entertaining views, good food, wonderful service but you will pay for this ritziness.  This is now one of my favorate places to dine.

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