The compass of life

The compass of life

Zhenren: Can you explain the compass of life with more detail

Selene: Each person possess a compass.  The compass is not a compass you hold in your hand but a process of bringing together a lot of intellectual components to make a good mind decision.  Some personal compasses are better in one person than another.  A good compass necessitates intellect so you can think about all the possibilities and reason out options.  A good compass comes from life experience to help you measure options you think are open to you.  A good compass necessitates diminishing personal arrogance so you are always open to new information and knowledge.  A good compass comes from being sensitive to life experiences in such a way that you can intellectually step into other person’s shoes to make guesses about why other people do what they do or possibly will do.  Finally a good compass is equal to one’s ability to make good decisions for self and others.  A good compass results in making good decisions.

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