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Batteries America Terrific selection of batteries. The web site is old looking and ugly; they use Microsoft Front Page which tells me their level of sophistication. I can NOT recommend this vendor for the following reasons. I had to call for a tracking number for my order. I specified three days shipping on their web site but sent the item ground. The items came after I needed them. I wrote an e-mail to ask what was going on but it was ignored. The operation appears to be at hayseed level. Not recommended.




E-Trade.   We do not recommend this company for anyone.  If your a day trader, you might look at this company but we can not figure out why you would choose it.  For the small investor and anyone who wishes to buy and hold stocks for the long run, do NOT consider this company.  They charge extremely high fees that will diminish your investments over time.



Glyph Hard Drives Customer support we found to be very good. The sales person was wonderful. Ask them what manufacturer they use in their units if that is important to you. When we purchased, they were using Seagate, not one of my recommendations but Glyph said they would guarantee the drive. Recommended.


Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) Anaheim I am fortunate enough to live close to this store. The sales people have saved me more than once. I walk in with a problem and they usually come up with a solution which naturally costs me money. Their attitude allegedly is commission sales, like walking on to a car dealer lot, they seem to hear the cash register ring as you enter. They do offer a lot of product, expertise and problem solving when you need it. Some of their jokes are quite predictable. It is a candy store for ham radio operators. Recommended.


Internet sales. We only recommend Internet sales for items that are not time critical. We only recommend Internet sales for businesses open during shipping hours where the driver can walk into your establishment to make deliveries and pick up items for shipping. Deliveries to homes is acceptable for items that are NOT time sensitive. We do NOT recommend Internet sales to the home for time critical items requiring a signiture for the following reasons:

  • Some vendors do a slow job of building, to order product, thus moving back delivery dates from when you, the customer, think it should be ready.
  • Some vendors do not do a good job of performing expedited shipping. You pay for it but you will not get it in the time you think you should get it.
  • Shippers are usually good at quickly moving product quickly vast distances but delivery to the home is the problem. The recipient is inconvenienced in time and frequently has to spend added money to get the item resulting in additional costs.
    • Waiting at home for a shipment to arrive might take you away from work costing you money. In any case, waiting for a shipment will cost you time, typically LOTS of time waiting and waiting and waiting for the delivery.
    • Missed shipments may require you drive to a local shipping depot to pick your item up at a specified time. This will waste your time and gas.

Investment Business Daily is a wonderful investment advice newspaper.  For that purpose we recommend it.  The opinion section of the newspaper is another story.  We recommend you use those pages for bird cage liner.


J.C. Penney Department Store seems to be a well run professional operation. I just love their sales. The people who work at the Brea Mall store are very helpful. Recommended.



LinkSky web hosting. Recommend.


Mervyns Department Store is not recommended. My father liked flannel shirts. I purchased one for him each year for two years as a Christmases gift. After one or two washings they fell apart. The shirts held the Mervin’s label. I was then treated rudely by store clerks twice. I have never been back. I have never had this type of experience at JC Pennney. Not recommended.














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