Wine Review: Sutter Home, Red Merlot, 2001

Wine Review: Sutter Home, Red Merlot, 2001

Our neighbors across the street called me in February, 2009 to tell me they were dissatisfied with a new bottle of wine.  The husband refused to drink it.  I was asked if I might want to try as the bottle was only a half glass shy of full.  I said yes thinking that at the very least the wine could go into a crock pot in place of water to add some modicum of distinction.  That evening I poured a half wine glass and tried the wine out.  It did not taste like anything I had ever tried before, quite bad, almost disgusting.  I let my wife try it and she poured her glass out after one sip.  When I first took a sip I think I detected a slight olive flavor but that was as good as it got.  We score wines being average with a 50 score.  This wine was below Trader Joe’s two buck chuck, way below.  We score this wine as undrinkable with a score of 5 out of 100.  It is not even good enough for crock pot use and if you have a bottle, take it back to the store where you purchased it and ask for your money back.

We have no idea how much our neighbors paid for this bottle.  We have tried Sutter Home wines in the past and this bottle seems way below our past experience.  It seemed to me that they tried to blend this wine with some other ingredients and totally blew it.  It might be possble that the bottle, we sampled, was not stored properly or had a defective cork but we rank wines as they come to us as we can not determine prior handling.

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