Free Birthday Drinks At Starbucks?

Free Birthday Drinks At Starbucks?

I had early the same morning purchased my sleeping zebra for myself and a grande mocha Frappuccino  for my son at Albertsons Super Market, 2500 E. Imperial Highway in Brea, California.  Later the same day I took my daughter over to the same Starbucks inside the same Albertsons to get my daughter a mocha Frappuccino.  My daughter told the barista that it was my birthday.  The barista reminded us that I could get a free drink because it was my birthday.  I already had my drink for the day so declined.  Next day I went with both my daughter and son to get our morning Starbucks at the same old Albertsons.  I asked if I could get my free birthday drink but was declined as the manager would have to approve.  The manager only works in the mornings.  Later in the day I drove over to a nearby Albertsons at 1930 N. Placentia Ave, Fullerton, and tried to get a free Starbucks drink but I was told that they are not a REAL Starbucks and would not provide a free birthday drink.  Real close to my house is a drive through Starbucks, a REAL Starbucks.  I walked in and asked if I qualify for a free drink because it was my birthday.  The person behind the cash register said yes!  I went on to say that yesterday was my birthday.  The answer was still yes!  I then said that my normal drink was a Zebra.  The answer was yes!  I was told that I could have any drink, any size!  I was impressed.  I did receive the drink, exactly as I specified and you know what?  They never asked to see proof of my birthday.

Everyone working at the Starbucks inside Albertsons know that I have a gold card from Starbucks.  That card guarantees you get a free drink on your birthday.  Evidently that card is not fully honored at all Albertsons.  The person at the REAL Starbucks did not ask to see that card but took my word, quite impressed!

I think everyone might have a different view of the importance of birthdays.  It is my view that it celebrates that person joining us in this absurd life experience.  It is comforting to share life with friends.  It would simply be awful to be alone.  Celebrations should say, “we are happy you are here with us”.   Businesses capitalize on birthdays to drum up business.  Birthdays are typically done in family and friend groups, all the more reason to use this vehicle.  Eating and drinking establishments get old customers to return and maybe entice new people with birthday rewards.  It is our opinion that managers should think of birthday give outs as not a cash loss, but rather a draw for customers to share their lives with this establishment.

Side note:  Corporate allegedly has told its stores that it is most important to get the customer their drink within two minutes.   It is our perception that some drinks are better prepared at Albertsons because they typically have less pressure to complete drink orders fast.  If I were to order a simple coffee or non mixed drink, I would go to either store.  Because my drink requires the mixing of two types of chocolate, I almost always get a better tasting drink at Albertsons.  The REAL Starbucks, allegedly, cut corners to get orders competed on time.

I still like the Albertsons on Imperial Highway.  I think I will start to spend more time going to the REAL Starbucks on the corner of Imperial Highway and Valencia in Brea.

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