Tip Top Meats

Tip Top Meats

Tip Top Meats,Carlsbad California restaurant web site as of October, 2019 was down.

Tip Top Meats European Delicatessen.

Restaurant Review: Tip Top Meats European Delicatessen, Inc

Date of review: November 27, 2009

My wife and I heard of this eating place from my daughter’s friend, Hunter.  Hunter had made a recommendation for a restaurant in Cardiff By The Sea, California a few months ago and it did not go well.  When I arrived at the restaurant, it did not pass the windshield test.  It looked every bit like a fast food establishment which was not to my liking.    This time, I brought up my displeasure to Hunter and this apparently put some added pressure upon Hunter to redeem himself.  We were in Encinatus and this city is a surfer town, it seems, and appears to not offer any upscale restaurants.  Hunter seemed to be at a loss until I told him that I could go back up highway 5 to Palomar Airport Road.  I had spotted some restaurants on the west side of the road.  Hunter’s eyes lit up and he then got excited about a restaurant that would redeem his apparent tarnished ability to pick a good eating palace.  He recommended Tip Top Meats.  I asked him to confirm this with his father. He rushed inside the house and came back shortly to tell me that his step mother confirmed that Tip Top Meats would be a very good pick.

My wife and I got back on highway 5 and drove north up from Encinitas to Carlsbad, a very short trip.  We turned off Palomar Airport Road going east a right turn for us.  The first stop light is Passeo Del Norte and we turned right going south.  We were told that this restaurant was on the east side of the street and a short drive down the street did show the restaurant.  We pulled into a very packed parking lot.

Image above shows the outside view, the entrance, of Tip Top Meats

Entering this restaurant is a bit of a shock.  One must walk through a pretty large market with rows and rows of food and meat counters.  Just walk back and stay to the left close to the windows and you will soon make your way to a very long meat counter.  Over the meat counter is the restaurant menu on boards posted quite high. One stands in line to a counter at the left end of the meat counter to place your food order and pay for it.  You are given a number on your receipt.  Find a table and then listen for your number to be called and pick up your food next to the very place where you placed your order.

Image above is the order and pick up counter.

While standing waiting to place our order at the end of a long line of customers, I asked people around me what was good on the menu.  Two guys behind me warned me that the portions were quite large.  When you order a sausage, it is quite large.  I was told that the mashed potatoes were quite good.  The lady in front of me had a German accent and she recommended the veal loaf with an egg on top.  It was not on the menu but one could ask for it.  When I go to the front of the line and placed my order I asked for the plate and not just the solo item.  My wife did the same. We found a table right away and sat down to wait.  While waiting for our number to be called, I looked at the cost of our meals and the cost was most reasonable.  In less than five minutes our number was called and we went to pick up our order. My wife’s Reuben came with huge amounts of meat.

Above image is Reuben sandwich with french fries and pickle.

Above image shows Veal loaf on gravy with egg on top.  Came with sauerkraut, potatoes and hard roll.

Our review of the meal is that every part tastes quite good.  The portions are quite large.  I really do not like to walk up to a counter and place my order.  I much prefer to have a waiter or waitress come to my table and server me.   I would definitely come back to this resturant as the food is a very good value and we found no deficiencies.

Hunter did good by recommending this restaurant.

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