Solution for not seeing Excel formula results.

Solution for not seeing Excel formula results.

Program: Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac.
Version: 12.2.3

Problem:  After entering in a formula the cell that contains the formula will still show the formula and NOT the result.  There are a number of causes for this problem.  One can be that you asked Excel to display an incompatible cell format.  Go to the cell or better yet the column you want your formula results to reside and click on the capital letter at the top of the column so as to select the WHOLE COLUMN (or single cell if that rocks your socks).  With the whole column selected (changes color) or single cell (changes color) you will then remove ALL formatting.  Next, go to Format at the top of the Excel screen and then choose “Cell…”.  Choose “General” as your cell format option.  Once you see the formula results begin to work, you can come back to this option and change it.

Now here is the trick or option that will stop you in your appreciation of Excel.  Hidden in the Excel main preferences is a toggle (turn on or off) to show formulas.  If you have show formulas checked (turned ON), you will ONLY see formulas and NOT the results.

Go to the top menu where it shows Excel.  Click on that word, top left corner.  A pop down menu offering will be displayed.  Choose “Preferences …”.  When you click on Preferences a large box will appear and give you mind numbing choices.  Don’t mess with anything but “View”.  Open View up and look to the top right column.  You should se the words (option) to “Show formulas” on (when check box has an X) or off when the box is not checked.  Make sure the box is UNCHECKED!

A really good time for you to turn “Show formulas” on is when you know you are seeing bad results  in one or more cells on the spread sheet and you suspect you screwed up one or more formulas.

Show Formulas
Show Formulas

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