Filemaker Pro all of a sudden asks for a password.

Filemaker Pro all of a sudden asks for a password.

After spending about a week putting together a significant database I ran into a glitch that astounded me.  I was creating envelope template when the program crashed.  When I restarted the program and went into my database, that I had been working on, the progam now asked for user name and password.  I had NOT set either.  It took quite some time but the trick is this.  Enter “Admin” for the user name and leave the password blank.  Do this now.  Put that user name and password (blank) into your computer Keychain application so you will remember.

Tip: Before you put in hours of time building a database, add one or more full access users to that database and record the logon some place that you will not forget. Filemaker Pro has two default users.  Only one is turned on, that being Admin.  Unless you set a password, you should be able to get in without using any logon.  But when Filemaker Pro crashes it might start asking for a logon.  It will NOT give you the words “Admin”.  It will probably default to your user name, you use to log into your computer.  You must remember that Admin is the default. I recommend that you put that logon into the Keychain if you have a Mac computer.    If you have a Windows machine, you might consider looking for some software that will guard important pin numbers, log on, account info, etc..  I like SplashID but there are a lot of similar products, some free.

Tip 2:  If you are going to start to tie down the database by requiring security log on, think about adding TWO ways into that database.  A lot of IT people have learned, the hard way, to always provide a back door to the house.

Another option: Activate Guest by checking the box in front of that account.  Then make sure you give “Full Access” to that account.  I would do this only for listing really unimportant data because anyone that gets to use your computer can view the data.

I use SplashID to keep all my secret information.  That program costs money.  If you have a Mac computer, try using Keychaina as it comes free with the Mac operating system.  You can find this application in Applications>Utilities>Keychain

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  1. Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how frustrated and aghast I was upon being unable to get into my own files. You have saved this, and many subsequent, days.

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