Film Production Results

Film Production Results

This is the third in a series of posts.  There are two prior posts to this one.  Post number one:  Post number two:

On 11/30/10  9:30 AM, “A. B.” wrote:

Got my footage back, first roll was blurred because I never set the ground glass, second roll was also blurred because the film stock was loose in the door. Third roll was amazing but slightly green (colorist fixed with ease), fourth roll was perfect, fifth roll was perfect with the exception of a shot that I did indoors with a 250D. The shot was too red, again the colorist fixed that with ease.  Infinite value learned from this shoot.

  • Lesson one you can’t fix focus in post make sure you are 100% with it before you shoot.
  • Lesson two the more time you invest in shoot the better your image will look.
  • Lesson 3 there will always be mistakes but there is nothing you can do but prepare for them.
  • Lastly, film is awesome and is such an intimate medium.

Thanks for all the help as you can see after your input my rolls turned out a lot better ( rolls 3-5).  Rolls one and two were salvageable in the fact that some of the images were focused for 1-2 seconds so I’ll definitely have to be a wiz in editing to make the first scene work.  I will definitely be shooting 16mm again and look forward to the great texture and quality that await!  Thanks again and I’ll link you my video when I finish if you want to check it out.

A. B.

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