Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots

Connecting the dots is a multiple stage process.  The first stage is to do what anthropologists do and that is to codify or break down a problem in its component parts so the part that you identify makes sense.  For example if we were to examine global warming, we would try to find some indicators of snow pack fall, changes in precipitation, changes in heat or coolness at different global locations, etc.  The next stage is to look backward in time and come up with a measure for a single item and then track changes going forward.  We then need compare now and past data points or look at a progression of data points from the past to the present.  Next we need to look for trends.  This is where charts can really come in handy.  A chart showing a incline means an increase and a decline means a decrease in that component.  What about a social progression?   For example, how would we measure whether we need another stimulus to the economy?  We could do some research and try to find some pertinent economic factors that show how healthy or sick an economy is.  Right now everyone believes the economy is sick and a lot of economic indicators are rather low, like employment , business activity, housing starts, exports, manufacturing.

It really does not help our nation when one of the main political parties can not seem to face reality but sticks to a contrived fantasy of their making.  This is either political gamesmanship or an inability to connect the dots.

Proof that the Republicans can NOT connect the dots:

  • Proof: Republicans typically reject global warming even though scientists have pretty much proved and paraded it’s existence.
  • Proof:  The Republicans have rejected the consensus from US and foreign economists that there needs to be another stimulus to help the middle class.
  • Proof:  The Republicans have been working to downsize education, police, fire and health agencies when the unemployment rate may be within five points from matching the great depression.


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