American Airlines Target Of Spam

American Airlines Target Of Spam

I received an e-mail January 2, 2012 from American Airlines <>.

Here is the text of that message:


ELECTRONIC 940502965
DATE & TIME / JANUARY 18, 2012, 10:53 PM
ARRIVING / Fremont

Please find your ticket attached.
You can print your ticket.

Thank you for your attention.
American Airlines.

The e-mail had a “” attachment.  I tried to open it up on a Mac computer but it would not show.

The e-mail was sent to a web site address that I have for a city organization that I administer a web site for.  It appeared to me that someone in my small group had organized a trip to Fremont, California for some training.  It took hours to track this down but I slowly realized that this whole thing was an alleged spam.

I called American Airlines, which by the way has an alleged dreadful reputation, and after about eighteen minutes of waiting was told that this is a spam e-mail and customer service has been getting a LOT of calls concerning this event.  I was told that legitimate e-mails from American Airlines includes a logo and ticket numbers.  My e-mail had neither.

The American Airlines customer service person told me to NOT open up the attachment and to delete the e-mail.

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