Restaurant Review: Walt Disney World, Orlando, Epcot, Le Cellier

Restaurant Review: Walt Disney World, Orlando, Epcot, Le Cellier

Restaurant Name: Le Cellier
Location: Walt Disney World, Epcot, Orlando, Florida
Web site:
This is an extremely popular restaurant.  Prior reservations are required about 180 days before you want to dine but check with the restaurant as to their current policy as it may change.  There is also a cancellation fee charged to your credit card.
We attended January 11, 2012.

  • Ambiance is nice, nothing special.  If you are looking for a romantic evening with your date, this is not the place.
  • The seating is a bit cramped everywhere we looked.  This is where individuals come to eat excellent food and do not mind the close spaced tables.
  • The service is very good. The serving staff typically are exchange students that come for one year, only, to Disney World for work.  Our server was intelligent, articulate and accurate and had a most pleasant personality.
  • Bread supplied to the table was very good and plentiful.  My son does not like cold butter served with his bread and the butter that came with the bread was soft and mixed with maple syrup.
  • Speed for food arrival, as you would expect, is not quick.
  • The Canadian cheddar cheese soup was excellent.  We recommend it highly.  They even used Moosehead Beer in making the soup.  Cost was $9.00
  • The Canadian “Prime” New York Strip was a 12-oz cut with Gruyere-Yukon gold potato Gratin, wilted spinach and vin rouge reduction for $42.  It had an incredible taste, tender and perfectly cooked.  We recommend this dish.  The steak was huge, the wilted spinach was applied like a garnish and the potatoes were a reasonable size.  The potatoes were rather good flavor and the spinach was a bit better.
  • For desert, we chose the maple creme brûlée for $8 and the apple tart.  The creme brûlée was very good.  It had a perfect crusty top, soft center, rich flavor, and a hint of maple.  The apple tart was the recommendation of our server, Colin, and was nice.
  • Our bill for four people came to over three hundred dollars.(with tip).  This is a signature dining restaurant which translates into paying lots of money for excellent food.

We recommend this restaurant for food and service but it may be a wallet buster.

Le Cellier Restaurant, Walt Disney World, Epcot.
Entrance to Le Cellier

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