Scrivener ONLY Types Red (or some other color).

Scrivener ONLY Types Red (or some other color).

Scrivener is one of the best creative writing software programs.  Its power is most pronounced when the writer has problems bringing together lots of project components.  The cork board method really works for some people and I am one of those person’s.  With any powerful program, one occasionally comes across a problem that vexes.  The following e-mail exchange should cover one problem that was driving me nuts.  (March 18, 2012, Scrivener version 2.2)


Scrivener customer support,

I think I set up Scrivener to insert color as a revision tool so I can view black as being my first writing effort and then red as my new changes.  I did this change some time ago and forgot how I accomplished this change.  For the life of me I can NOT get the red text to change back to black AS I WRITE.  I can change the color to black AFTER it is typed as red, which is most annoying.  I have tried preferences, menu bar text color change, perused forums, and conducted Google searches but nothing fixes the problem.  Any ideas? 


Hi Score Card,

The way that revision colors work is that you enable a particular “Revision Mode,” and it stays in effect until you change to a new revision mode.

To turn off the revision color:

Format->Revision Mode->None

To remove the existing red text:

Format->Revision Mode->Remove All Revisions

Hope this helps!


Literature and Latte Support


Jeff responded to my e-mail the same day and within hours of sending.  I sent the e-mail on Sunday and was most surprised that I got a response so quickly.  I asked him how he was able to get back with me so quickly and on Sunday?

As for why I am working on Sunday, we are a small group but we are spread out all over the world and we are all on different schedules, so it is possible that you might get a response from one of us at any time of the day or night!


Literature and Latte Support

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