One Term More (A Political Parody)

One Term More (A Political Parody)

Following is a very interesting music video.  ONLY GOP and Tea Party people may watch this.




A Political Parody
(In alphabetical order)
Christina Saffran Ashford
David Burnham
David Engel
Kim Huber
Damon Kirsche
Jennifer Shelton
Sean Smith
(In alphabetical order)
Emma Ashford
Matt Ashford
Takako Gregg
Mason Keane
Paula Nichols Keane
William Martinez
Ali B Olmo
Johnny Pastor
Bubba Dean Rambo
Flora Rubenhold
Terri Yates
Musical Director
Ray Colcord
Music Produced by
Ray Colcord & Doug Lenier
Music Arranged and Orchestrated by
Doug Lenier
Supervising Copyist
Jay Asher
Supervising Producer
Vocal Contractor/ Choral Director
Christina Saffran Ashford
Voices Recorded and
Music Mixed by
Avi Kipper
Protools Recordist
Eric Astor
Video Produced & Edited by
Mike Clark
Production Associate
Bret Hampton
Production Assistant
Miriam Jacobs
Web and Graphic Design by
Jenny LaNicca
Sketch Art by
Vicki Behringer
(© 2102 Vicki Behringer)
Illustration of President Obama by
Derek Mueller
(© 2012 Don DeMesquita)
Photo Credit:
President Obama on Rosa Parks Bus by
Pete Souza/The White House
Music & Voices Recorded at
North Hollywood, CA
Special thanks to Guy Paonessa
One Term More Intro Music
One Term More Tail Credit Music
Written and Produced by
Ray Colcord
(© 2012 Superscore Music, ASCAP)
Written and
Executive Produced by
Don DeMesquita

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