Some Thinks To Consider Prior To Voting In November Election

Some Thinks To Consider Prior To Voting In November Election

Any political party in one’s mind is evaluated by many criteria and obviously some are more important than others.  If you talk to any individual they typically chose one principal point that they feel most important as an election issue.  In this election many people feel that the economy is the most important issue but not all.  When you talk to individuals from different ethnic groups you might hear that immigration issues seem more important than the economy.  Many women think abortion is a very important issue to them.  As one listens to the varied responses from people about what they find important to them, it quickly comes clear that individuals hold different views and tend to elevate some issues as more important than others tied to who they are, where they came from and education level.  Let us try a quick experiment.  I propose that you spend some time right now and look at a whole list of issues and see if you can detect a pattern.  Try to look at many more issues than you currently do.  Count on the left hand the Democratic issues that you support and count on your right hand the issues that support the Republican platform.    See in the end if you still stick to your favorite or can grasp a few more to support the left or right side.

Abortion:  Democrats believe it is a women’s concern and her right to decide.  The Republicans think that men should decide women’s issues.
Church State:
The correct terms that are important here are freedom FROM religion and SEPARATION of church from the state.  Republicans are more prone to rewrite the statements to mean freedom OF religion and religion may be incorporated within government.  The Democrats occasionally do not understand the two correct meanings but do not seem to uphold the belief that anyone can hold their own beliefs, follow their religion and not try to instill religion into our political system.  Both party operatives know that they must show allegiance to a religion to win votes.
Democrats favor spending to stimulate the economy when it is needed and when the economy recovers be more concerned about balancing the budget.  Republicans do not favor stimulation with tax payer money but austerity at all times and help the economy by helping business survive and grow, or trickle down the benefits to the masses.
Favor which segment of the electorate:  Democrats favor and help all segments with special consideration for the middle and lower class.  In times of economic distress, they feel that the rich should pay more in taxes so we can create shovel ready jobs to put people to work when unemployment gets bad.  Republicans favor the upper class and are in favor of helping small and large businesses grow our way out of a recession. Republicans seem to favor survival of the privileged.
Government size:  Democrats find that Federal and state government necessary to offer the maximum equal services to the citizens in areas where business monopolies would not work.  Republicans favor diminishing government to save tax money for the rich and have private enterprise take over government services with the profit motive possibly thwarting equal, equitable services.
Military spending:  Republicans are in favor of not diminishing military spending even though the US outspends almost all other countries combined.  Republicans receive more funds from the military industrial complex than Democrats.  Currently, the Democrats want to cut spending as it is a huge budget component.  The payment to defense contractors and military leaders has become a special interest pork pile.
Science  Republicans shamefully reject science which should be scary for any educator, citizen and society.  Democrats embrace science.
Climate Change  Republicans reject that climate change is a truth even though the science community has proved it exists and we are heading toward catastrophe.  The Democrats are about as bad but not as bad as the Republicans for avoiding this issue and doing anything about it.  President Obama has tried to limit dirty energy and support clean energy solutions.

Foreign Affairs, supporting types of foreign governments:  Republicans support dictatorships because they can typically be controlled.  Democracy in other countries is messy and we can very easily loose control of them and the area they are located.  Democrats are a bit better but not by much in this regard.  The current administration, has supported the Arab spring when it is most convenient.  The Democrats are pretty much the same as the Republicans as they both want the US to politically, economically and militarily control as much of the world as it can.

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