Keeping Nasal Passage Clear And Possibly Help You From Getting Sick.

Keeping Nasal Passage Clear And Possibly Help You From Getting Sick.

Problem: Protection from air-born disease.

Solution:  I had to attend a one on one orientation prior to receiving chemotherapy at Kaiser.  I had to watch a computer slide show followed by a talk with a nurse who covered some check list items that she was tasked to present.  At the end of this somewhat intimate presentation she asked me if I had any questions.  I brought up the concern that my immune system was going to be compromised and was there anything I could do to protect myself.  She presented a really clever solution that I have accepted as part of getting ready after showering each morning.  She told me that when she fly’s in planes and because you are confined and in close proximity to people that might be carrying germs that she takes a very small amount of Neosporin Wound Care on a Q-Tip and swabs the inside of her nose.  I have tried this and I am convinced it works.  I do not apply this remedy only when I think I will come into contact with the general public but every day.   I am very concerned with putting a foreign product into my body as it might cause cancer or some other problem.  I have taken this product almost every day for two years and have not had any problem.  My method is to put a very small amount of Neosporin on to the Q-Tip and swab only the nose that protrudes and is visible beyond the face.

Results:  I have found that my nasal passages are incredibly clear all the time.  Nothing grows in the nasal airways.  The smell of Neosporin is not all that bad and lasts, it seems, for less than an hour.  I have not had a cold for over two years!  I am a mouth breather and not a nose breather and yet this procedure seems to help which is a bit of a mystery.  I think emergency first responders should consider performing this procedure if they suspect they will encounter any air-born suspended particle that may be dangerous. This application might also be considered for valley fever protection.

 Disclaimer:  Please consult with your doctor before taking any of these products.  Each person is different and probably reacts to products differently.  Each person has or may have existing medical condition that precludes taking one or more of these products.  When taking a new product, take it slow.  Take even smaller doses than I describe as you begin.  Keep a journal of what you eat including these ingredients and write down any symptoms.  If you notice any symptom that is not beneficial or concerns you, STOP taking the product!  You are responsible for your health.  Read labels.  Research label ingredients so you know how each may affect you.  Be careful.

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