Tea Party Principles And Stupid

Tea Party Principles And Stupid

Here are the core principles of the Tea Party and I will show how stupid they are:

Fiscal Responsibility: not overspending which at face value is a good goal.  Problem is the Tea Party cherry picks what they think government money should go toward.   They wish to cut back on education, social services but fund the military.

Constitutionally Limited Government: which is stated by the party meaning that power resides with the people and not with government.  The 2008 recession came about in great measure because the financial industry lobbied Congress for less government regulation.  The Tea Party seems to be controlled by wealthy class to further their aims to game the system to their advantage.

Free Market Economics:  The Tea Party claims that the United States is a superpower due to our free market economy.  What a simpleton idea.  We are a great nation due to a whole host of other factors that lay as a foundation.  The location of our temperate nation between two oceans, our fantastic amount of farm land, rivers, lakes, mountains, oil, minerals, fish and wild life has attracted some of the best peoples from Europe and other nations.  This environmental engine still continues too this day attracting some of the best people from other countries.  Our founding fathers constructed a pretty intelligent government that allows for change and compromise orchestrated by the people.

Our freedoms and education systems has allowed individuals to expand their individual capabilities resulting in a highly competent working class, technology advancements, important industry startups and a government separated from religion which made for a superpower.

The Tea Party claims that government “intervention is at the heart of America’s current economic decline”.  The current economic decline is being exacerbated by the Tea Party ideology.  They have voted down job creation time after time.  The free market system that the Tea Party thinks is so great resulted in sending middle class jobs overseas leaving the United States with an extremely small but powerful wealthy class and a huge lower class. How convenient for the Tea Party to cherry pick, obfuscate and twist the facts.  The Tea Party is the party of stupid.  The people who vote for them need to get a better education.

The truth is the current United States market economy needs correction from government to help build a stronger middle class and not continue on the course of supporting only the interests of big business and the oligarchy.  Our current nation has a crumbling infrastructure and the Republican Party has used the national debt to foil any economic recovery by starting up projects to rebuild roads, bridges, rail lines and ports.

The Tea Party core principles are twisted to reward the rich. Their goals are so stupid in implementation that it may dragging us all down in the process and turn this nation into  a second power.

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