Firing Of Carmen Aristegui May Reveal Much More.

Firing Of Carmen Aristegui May Reveal Much More.

In studying sociology I found a singular concept that almost works like a tool to uncover hidden knowledge.  That concept is called “empirical indicator”.   This means “what we see” thus “shows us” something else.  The idea is that there can be one or more things that we can see but may actually stand for some hidden meaning.  In sociology the examples given are typically things you might see in a person’s office may indicate their rank in the organization.  If you see a potted plant, a rug, even a fire place in a person’s corporate office, each indicates a corporate ranking.  Simply put, the more elaborate the office furniture and trappings, the higher the person’s status.  The concept is based on common sense and we all had been using this concept well before sociologist put a name to it.  When we see a person not dressed well, we may think that person is poor.  The clothing a person wears may equate with how much money they have or not have.

This idea of empirical indicator can also be utilized in a lot of other ways.  Let me propose, for your consideration, that we take this concept and try to see if it fits a political situation.

A prominent Mexico journalist, Carmen Aristegui, was fired from her job at MVS Radio.  She revealed a number of political embarrassments committed by some top Mexican officials.  One such revelation, that the current president, Enrique Peria Nieto may have used his powerful office for personal gain in real estate deals.  Exposing this may have sent the ratings of the current Mexican president in a downward direction.

Now it is obvious conjecture that the president of Mexico exercised any influence in having Carmen Aristegui’s assistants dismissed.  Obviously, attacking her directly would be way too revealing.  Obfuscating the alleged pressure being applied to Carmen is better applied by sending her a strong message by having her close associates attacked, dismissed and hope she bows.  She obviously got the message.   She did not buckle and seems to have the tough stuff that we normally attribute to men.  Mexico needs more tough people in power like her, that have good ethics and moral values.   If she fades away, it will be a further loss for Mexico.

The empirical indicator I wish to suggest to you is that the alleged action taken against Carmen may stand for the fact of top Mexican corruption.   So, not a potted plant or a fire place in an office but instead an action may stand for something way more important – top Mexican political corruption.

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