What I like about Adobe Premier Pro CC 2015

What I like about Adobe Premier Pro CC 2015

I would like to provide you a summary of my experience with Adobe Premier Pro CC 2015 so you do not have to plow through my rather wordy explanations that follows.  I have used Final Cut Pro and iMovie.  This program is impressive.  I love it.  I am constantly impressed at how easy tasks are to complete.  I am amazed at how many tools this program has.  For example, I had to show my first movie version to a test audience to get their feedback.  i had a second monitor that I wanted to use to show the movie to the attendees.  I would sit to one side, watch the reviewers and control the playback process.  Adobe Premier served the solution up perfectly, a simple window change.  I was amazed.

Once I caught on with the keyboard shortcut key strokes using J, K, L, I and O, plus some other keystrokes, the bin clip build process going into the time line went pretty darn fast.  I had to do a multi track time line edit where I needed to move the end of the movie into a space I removed.  Problem was that an audio track extended toward the beginning so when I did a mouse box over the tracks, to select them, I also selected a clip that I did not intend.  I used the typical shift key and it worked, that track clip was not selected.  I love it when the Adobe software people use the Apple operating system methods as part of their program tools.

The graphical user interface, the image on my computer screen that is used to edit my film took some getting used to but after a while I began to accept it and along with that it also began to make sense.    One trick I had to use over and over was to close this and that window.  It does not take long for your screen to become less productive because the wrong screen segments are showing.

I had to match audio from a camcorder to a separate track audio recording made from an unlocked recorder.  Premier offers a number of methods for matching audio.  For me the audio track waveform method worked very well.  When I found out that CMD and the left and right arrow keys would move any track segment one frame at a time, I was then able to perfectly match audio.

When I need to make a change to a time line title, I do this in the bin.  As soon as the bin title graphic  change is made and the GUI for changing the title is closed the changes  appear perfectly in the time line.  I was very impressed.

The clip audio track control is amazing.  I now had audio volume and pan control while editing the time line.  I had to drop and raise this and that audio track at precise moments.  This method really worked.

The media output solution was momentarily confusing to me when Adobe Encoder CC window appeared on my computer screen when I asked that my movie be exported.  I had no idea that the media output was sent to a separate program.  This now makes sense.  Had Adobe put this into Premier we would not be able to continue to edit more movies and our Premier drop down menus would be cluttered.  The Encoder has a lot of options and really needs its own interface.  It really was an excellent solution.

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