Looking Into The Future Of The United States.

Looking Into The Future Of The United States.


Ian Masters Radio Podcast – Background Briefing  (December 27, 2016)

Warning:  The content of this podcast may be depressing.

Henry Giroux . He is a writer and the current Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Canada and the author of “America at War With Itself”. We discuss his article at Counterpunch and why for the most part, the billionaire class about to rule America in the name of populism, wants to increase inequality and social decay and accrue even more wealth as the country becomes hollowed out and more Third World.


Henry Giroux (only some of his) Credentials:



Updated:  3-6-19.  The old web page https://www.henryagiroux.com/books.htm was broken.  The new web page was found here: https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/henry-a-giroux/336922/
March 9, 2019:  That too was broken with a “403 Forbidden” error so I removed ”  List of about 62 publications by Henry Giroux can be viewed here:  https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/henry-a-giroux/336922/


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