Family Room Completion – Part 7

Family Room Completion – Part 7

The family room has 3 sets of two lights across the ceiling.  Each set of lights can be dimmed.  The two lights close to the TV set are gimbals so they can be aimed to either side of the TV set.  The room also has one half wall outlet devoted to a floor lamp and controlled by a wall switch.

The audio surround sound sub woofer can be seen on the left side of the fireplace, shown as a black box.  The small black boxes on either side of the fireplace up upon the walls are left and right surround sound speakers.  Two more speakers are at the back of the room, wall mounted near the ceiling.  The center speaker is just below the TV set.

The little dot just to the right of the fireplace is the gas valve for the fireplace.

The blue glow behind and above the TV set is a bias light that can be remotely controlled as to color and turned off and on.

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