CNN Is NOT A News Channel?

CNN Is NOT A News Channel?

It is Friday July 5, 2019 at 7:44 pm.  I tried to view some current news.  I chose  CNN  but found they offered no news but some idiotic non news show, The Eighties, Video Killed the Radio Star.  I had to change channels to BBS and MSNBC.  Why is it that a channel that pretends to be news is not that at all?  Does this mean that CNN is a half baked news channel or incompetent news channel?

This country needs to hear and see exploratory facts, accurate investigations, concise news coverage to help discover what the real facts are, and show the meaning to explain the significance of the discovered information.  News needs to expand upon accurate views and facts, and pursue those results toward educating the American public because the public needs to decide who and where they support or deny that support to make this nation strong, fair and honest.

CNN needs to rediscover their mission.

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