Pentax WG-1 Camera Sticky To Touch

Pentax WG-1 Camera Sticky To Touch

I typically only use my Pentax WG-1 Camera once a year to record a city parade because I am communications support and my radios are my main concern and take up a lot of room on my body.  This year, to proof my gear, I discovered that my Pentax camera felt really sticky to touch.  I tried dish soap but that did not work at all.  I finally tried Sprayway Glass Cleaner and that did work.  I had to shoot the camera about three times and wipe it down with a towel and I had to rub certain parts more than others.  The rubber parts really needed extra spray and rubbing. The camera now feels perfect.  I am really surprised that the camera was not destroyed by spraying it.  The result that the camera survived speaks well of it’s construction.



Posted October 12, 2019

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