Side Yard Debris Storage

Side Yard Debris Storage

My wife wanted me to move a pile of pipes and other rather long outdoor items laying on the east side of our back yard. This is because the single side gate was next to this pile and looked pretty bad. I decided to place the items on the other, west side, of the back yard but that side of the house was engineered to accept flood water and pipe it out to the front street through a sunken pipe system. If I put this pile of debris on the west side, I would need to make sure that any future rain water can flow below the debris items.

I first tried to drill holes into wood to accept PVC pipe but I found out that the wood would split easily. I then went to Home Depot and purchased metal 3/4” floor flanges, (Southland 817006 521- 604HP).  I then purchased PVC adapters  that screwed easily into the treads in this flange.  Metal pipes were too expensive.  I screwed these metal adapters on to 3 pressure treated wood, each just over 2 feet long.  I then screwed the PVC adapters into the metal plates.  I had quite a bit of 3/4 inch white PVC irrigation pipe and that fit into the PVC adapters to make a vertical boundary to contain the items within so they would not roll off the container. Once each unit was completed I placed each on some bricks so water could easily flow under this storage unit.  I placed each of the 3 devices a distance from each other that I totally guesses would work for me.







Posted June 24, 2020

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