Solution For Contour Sheets Ensnaring Pillow Cases.

Solution For Contour Sheets Ensnaring Pillow Cases.

I found that when I put contour sheets in the dryer after being washed, they often times would ensnare at least one item, typically a pillow case, inside a twisted ball.  The ball always was at the contour sheet corner.  This required me to untwist the contour sheet holding other washed item and finding that they both were still wet.  I had to run the dryer again to dry those wet items.  This wasted energy and my time.  I came up with a real simple solution.  I take every sheet out of the washer, especially contour sheets, and roll each up from one opposite corner to the other into a ball and place this wet ball into my clothes dryer.  There is no need to roll the pillow cases.  I run the dryer after all the rolled sheets have been placed inside the dryer along with pillow cases and the sheets always come out without any problem.  I have not yet had to run the dryer a second time from using this method.


Dryer full of hand rolled bed sheets.
Clothes dryer showing it with a load of hand rolled bed sheets to stop contour sheets from “grabbing” pillow cases.


Posted: 9/6/2020

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