VueScan Software & CanoScan 8400F Review

VueScan Software & CanoScan 8400F Review

My sister passed away April 2020 and I soon discovered that not only did I have to prepare my family taxes but also my sister’s.  My sister’s attorney’s recommended using a tax person who lived quite a distance away from where I live.  I had the choice of putting all the tax documents together in a neat order and driving for hours to deliver the documents to the tax person or scan the documents and use an Internet drop box that the tax person offered.  I chose to scan the documents.  I looked around in my home and found that I had three devices that claim to scan documents.  My dual purpose printer and document scanning machines produced pretty awful scanned images.   I had a very old CanoScan 8400F which was first made in the middle of 2004.  My unit was not that old but pretty close.  When I connected that scanner up to my Macintosh computer, it would not function.  I did an Internet search and tried out VueScan by visiting this web site:

They allow you to try the VueScan software out before you pay them any money.  My tests worked so well that I purchased the software.  For me, the software is fantastic.  It is so simple to scan any document.  And, by the way, the CanoScan 8400F is a very impressive scanner.  I have scanned well over one hundred documents using this setup and no problems.  

CanoScan 8400F  =. Highly recommend.

VueScan Software =. Highly recommend.




Posted April 11, 2021

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