Alleged Scam Using T-Mobile Customers As Targets

Alleged Scam Using T-Mobile Customers As Targets

I am a T-Mobile use and July 4, 2021 I get a phone text message that appears to be sent by T-Mobile.   Next is the full text I received into my cell phone.


 T-Mobile / T-Mobile Limited Offer, Grab a chance to win prizes worth up to 100 USD. Visit:


Next is the web page that I am directed to.


Following are some of the survey questions.  So far, this looks to be an honest T-Mobile event.




I had to complete 5 more questions.

I can receive a reward up to $100 cash, if I complete a survey about what I think of T-Mobile products and service.  I complete the survey and then I am shown a very long list of alleged reward options to choose.  I think this to be really odd.  I select ear buds because I am unhappy with my newly purchased Apple Earbud Pro.  Once I choose the earbuds, I am asked to pay for shipping and handling.  I think this to be rather odd also.  I am asked to fill out my credit card information.  I complete the whole transaction and think this is done.  A short time later I get an e-mail showing that the earbuds are being sent to me as a 15 day trial.  I will then need to pay for the product.  I was lied to and am not receiving any benefit.  I am livid. I find a phone number and call to cancel the order.  



  • Cell phone message came from “”. My search for this web site showed nothing.  When I do a search for just “”, I get the warning message “’s server IP address could not be found.”
  • Visit:
  • Cell Phone:  844-995-1963. I called this number to cancel the order.  I was told that the order was cancelled.
  • Credit card charges:   Jul 4, 2021.  DANGOBUDS – ANC EARB.  $5.95.  Pending.  I am worried that they may still try to charge me.


I then call T-Mobile and spent well over a half hour explaining this event with them.  I was told that other customers have complained about this and that T-Mobile was tying to solve this issue.


My mistakes:  

  • I failed to look at the address of the party that sent me the text message.  The T-Mobile customer support told me that the address should show “T-Mobile”.
  • When I viewed the really long list of :rewards” for my participation, I should have stopped and checked the situation out further.


My Actions:

  • I send T-Mobile Media Relations a copy of this event, at the urging of the T-Mobile customer service person, I was on the phone with.
  • I logged a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.



Posted July 4, 2021

One thought on “Alleged Scam Using T-Mobile Customers As Targets

  1. Hey same here was offered the same thing on same website. So how do I report the website for fraud?

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