ROKU Express 4K+ Failed Working For My TV Set.

ROKU Express 4K+ Failed Working For My TV Set.

I watched one of the world cup soccer matches using my HULU subscription that my daughter and I pay for on my large screen 27 inch Apple iMac .  HULU is pretty darn good for providing very good, high quality, TV shows and other content at a much cheaper cost using WiFi instead of getting the programs from my cable provider.  Our family quit live cable TV with our provider and only pay for Internet.  A good reason for this is that my daughter lives in a different home and my son also lives in an apartment not shared with any family member. My daughter has a very close friend who lives somewhere in the United States and all 4 of these separate people can use HULU for a single subscription of $92 a month instead of being charged 4 huge cable charges of $59.99 x 4 = $239.96.

At my home, we have a family room with a well performing HULU TV system.  In that room we use a Playstation to provide the HULU content.  I have an office upstairs and decided that the large screen TV in that room needs the HULU system also. 

My upstairs TV model number: VIZIO GV52; FJDTV10A

My TV Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Display/Signal Compatibility for my TV:  1080P (Full HDTV) , 1080i (HDTV) , 720P (HDTV) , 480P (EDTV) 480i (SDTV)


  • Typical UHD 4K is 3840×2160 pixels.
  • Film industry refers to 4096x2160p as 4K
  • Note that my TV is not 4K.

My office has a Playstation 4 which was connected to the large screen TV but for some reason I can not get it connected to receive the World Cup Soccer match (2022).  We have a PlayStation connected to our family room and it works perfectly for providing HULU.  I decided to dash out and buy a ROKU device because it came up as the first choice when I performed an Internet search for devices that can provide HULU.

The ROKU device failed.  Let me list the plus and minus points for that device:


  • This device is really cheap.  I paid only $ 29.99 before tax.
  • My gosh this device is incredibly small.
  • I love the fact that it uses WiFi to get the Internet so I do not have to wire a Ethernet coax into it.
  • The menu system appears to be quite professional.
  • The image quality is very good for the setup and menus.
  • The power cable was a perfect length for me.


  • The HDMI cable is a bit short but I found a clever place to put the ROKU.  I put it right under the TV set I had because that set had air space on the left and right side of it’s center swivel stud support.
  • ROKU asks for the user to input a full credit card payment input.  You do not pay any fee to use the ROKU so why ask for my credit card?  They want this information on record in case you want to add any new feature in the future.  I find this despicable and should be a crime.  I should ONLY provide my credit card information if and when I decide to add anything that will cost me more money.
  • I really wanted to watch the last World Cup Soccer match but the ROKU would only provide an error message.  The ROKU showed perfectly good TV images until I asked it to provide the HULU programming.
    I was really pissed that I had spent so much time to enjoy watching HULU on my large screen office TV but ROKU failed saying that there was a video quality signal incompatibility.  (Oddly the ROKU showed excellent quality menu and still images of examples of shows I could watch but failed to show actual programs.). So if ROKU can show wonderful menu and promotions why did it fail to show the World Cup Soccer game? 
ROKU Application Error Message

I never was able to watch the 2022 World Cup Soccer match!

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