I am this blog owner and quite a few months ago I did something really stupid but had no idea my actions would devastate my life and put a long pause to this website.  I want to apologize to all of you for dropping out from working on this web site.  In short, I became handicapped.  I could no longer use my hands to type.   I believe this outage took place near June 20223.  As of January 9, 2023, I decided to resume after about 6 months.

History:  Our family has two cats and both cats are indoor thus requiring that my wife and I provide the cats with a large poop box filled with a quite a lot of small white colored sand type material that the cats deposit their waste.  I clean the box every morning and because the cats drop some of the white sand across our bottom house floors, I vacuum for at least half an hour using a AC powered vacuum cleaner.  I got really tired spending this amount of time and wanted to get a really good battery vacuum cleaner to cut down the time plugging in and out the AC cord and having to vacuum within the AC cord would allow.

June 1923, I decided to buy Tineco ILoop Pure One S15 Pet. 



I just love this vacuum cleaner even after I am convinced that I caused me to get carpel tunnel syndrome diagnosed July 14 by X-Ray in both left and right hands.

I stopped working on this website when this happened because my hands failed to work properly.  I resumed this website January 9, 2023.  The three middle fingers on both hands are still numb.  I am struggling a bit typing this because I am hitting the wrong keyboard keys quite often and have to correct the errors.

Note that carpel tunnel syndrome is caused by turning of the humane hand wrist back and forth over and over again.   This injury happens to a lot of individuals that use repeated wrist movement.

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