I have not remember how I heard about Taurine vitamin but it seemed to have some attributes that I wanted to try out.

Taurine has a long list of beneficial aspects for the humane body; way more than listed here.  My personal experience was that the listed body changes found in the Internet websites were mostly unnoticeable to me except one – my dreams during night sleep were off the charts!  I have participated in my dreams of major movie like experiences!  Not all my past dreams were good, just most.  Taking Taurine now, for me, is to enjoy some exciting dreams while sleeping at night!    A friend of mine told me that Melatonin is reported to possibly provide vivid dreams.  I had been taking Melatonin for years with no such episodes of vivid dreams until I started taking Taurine.  It just might be the case that taking both Melatonin and Taurine together really makes a change in some people for providing exiting dreams.

NOTE:  This dream enhancement of Taurine is not supported in any other web site that I can find!  

  • Taurine might lower blood pressure but be careful and monitor your pressure!
  • Taking taurine by mouth seems to improve heart function.
  • Helps with sleep.  I did not find this helped me.
  • MOST SURPRISING AND NOT ADVERTISED:  The most shocking result for me taking Taurine is that I have vivid and some times epic and near fantastic dreams.
  • The list of Taurine benefits is way longer than I can list here!  Do be careful that taking it does not diminish our current level of health.



MORE INFORMATION: Taurine: What Is It?


POSTED:  5/25/2024
Updated:  6/1/2024

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