Continuum Of Treason

Continuum is a mental realization, a mental tool, that we use as a means to realize natural and man made things we view in life. It is a really interesting intellectual way that we can visualize, in our minds, some opposite situations that are related. We are, in effect, placing a mental ruler of varying length between two opposite situations that we see, when those situations lend themselves to be measured together.

For a continuum to work there should be two opposite extremes but they are connected typically by degree. We typically “see” or realize the connection of the two extremes because they shout at us that they are opposite and connected in some way. But, there should be a factor of degree or how much of one side or the opposite side we are looking at and set a value on that point. The word I used is “degree” and that is vitally important to appreciate because it is a concept that will link the two opposite extremes. Typically there is more or less degree of something. There are an incredible number of continuum’s.

Let me offer some simple continuum examples followed by how each can be measured:

  • Light to Dark (Light meter)
  • Happiness to Sadness (Expressions on a person’s face)
  • Dry to Wet (Rain gauge)
  • Still air to Hurricane (Anemometer)
  • Short to Tall (Ruler)

The word “to”, in the above examples means that there can be a transition or movement from one extreme to the opposite extreme or one side to the opposite side. This transition can be short or long or any length. It is up to the person telling or writing where on the continuum scale we are concerned.

A really good continuum is one where the two opposite extremes are far apart because we are more likely to notice the differences. A really good example is the change of seasons. When this takes place in the northern hemisphere where the trees change color and plants go dormant the continuum process is very slow but unmistakable.

Some continuum’s lend themselves to be shown in graphic form.  When showing a continuum graphic, there are some common standards that some people use. Usually a line is used and the end points are labeled as to the minimum at one end and maximum at the other end. Typically the graphic continuum line is horizontal but for some measurements like height it is usually vertical. Let me show you a continuum line for treason (see below).

Accident        Collude        Coordinate         Conspire         Treason

In the Mueller Report there is a continuum that is revealed in the Introduction To Volume I. This continuum is explained as the degree that the Trump administration worked hand in hand with the Russians. At one end of the continuum is low criminal level called helping, which might be done by “accident”. Next serious might be helping Russia on purpose, called “collusion”, for some implied gain by one or both parties. The next, more serious degree is to “coordinate” with Russia. This third to last degree, coordinate, is considered illegal in the United States. The Mueller Report hones into two points on the continuum, collude and coordinate. For some reason collude is not illegal. Obviously coordinate is illegal because it implies BOTH parties are working together for a single purpose. But, I propose that coordinate might also mean that BOTH parties were working together but avoided detection.

Conspire, second to the last right side continuum point, is definitely a crime.  The Mueller Report failed to establish this activity took place by the Trump administration.

The last, far right, point on the continuum is treason and this is definitely illegal. It is a bit different in that it specifies that individuals actually work against the interests of the country.  The Mueller Report did not show examples of this continuum extreme by the Trump administration.

Let me state this again. In the Mueller continuum he talks about three out of the five main continuum measure points:  collude,  coordinate and conspire. The continuum begins with less formal and works toward more formal working together between Trump administration and Russia. Let’s read the definition of all five continuum points:

Accident: “an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause”. Obviously we have no concern for individuals in the Trump administration helping Russia by accident.  This is the low end of the continuum, non criminal.

Collude: “cooperate in a secret or unlawful way in order to deceive or gain an advantage over others”.  This sure sounds like we are getting close to criminal activity.

Coordinate: “negotiate with others in order to work together effectively” implying, in this case, that the Trump administration was working with Russia toward some nefarious end.  But, “”coordination” does not have a settled definition in federal criminal law”.  The Mueller Report states that coordination requires an agreement – tacit or expressed – between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government on election interference.  The Mueller Report failed to support the view that the Trump administration came to this level on the continuum.  (The Mueller Report goes on to state “That requires more than the two parties taking actions that were informed by or responsive to the other’s actions”.  I think this is a mistake in the report because it states “more than the two parties”.  Coordination typically implies two or more parties.  Two is enough to make coordination!)

Conspire:  To make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act.  The Mueller team used this threshold on the continuum to trigger a response that the Trump administration broke the law which they did not reach.

Treason: the action of betraying one’s country, the United States.  There are no reports that the Trump administration approached this level on the continuum.

One definition of treason uses the word “betray’ which has further meaning of “expose one’s country to danger by treacherously by giving information to an enemy.” Think of the number of times Donald Trump had private consultations with the ruler of Russia and no one was allowed to record what took place.

Looking at the above continuum points, I find it impossible not to categorize “collude” as a crime. But, collusion, itself, is not a specific federal crime. The dictionary definition comes close to saying that the Trump administration did commit a crime. The Trump administration did collude with the enemy of the Untied States, Russia, as outlined in the Mueller Report. Russia wants a weak United States and Putin viewed Trump as acting toward that end. Donald Trump received help in getting elected and possibly received more secret benefits from Russia. That should be illegal and a punishment should be handed out to those who participated in those acts..


Posted: May 14, 2019


Trump’s Attacks are Allegedly About Himself.

The alleged secret to decode and understand Trump’s attacks upon others is to understand that being a nearly complete narcissist, he can only view his self and place those same self labels upon others.

Trump:Feb 20, 2019 08:49:13 AM – The New York Times reporting is false. They are a true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!
Meaning: Trump is “the enemy of the people”.

Just apply this example to any future attacks you read or listen to from Trump and you will better understand what is actually transpiring.

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Posted: February 20, 2019

VOTE And Save This Country!

The next election comes down to some simple national issues for voters to understand. Voters cast their ballots to further their own interests which is understandable and is an aspect of the democratic process. You should vote for what you think is best for yourself, your family, your community and the county.

Problem is, that a Republican party has found mechanisms to work the system to the advantage of their real, somewhat private constituents, which is not you even though you might vote Republican. The real rulers of the Republican party are corporations and the rich. You are just a pawn under their control. The rich may be smart in business but not in politics. They have the money to pay consultants that can plan ways to enrich their clients. The wealthy pay people that devise ways to game the system at your loss. You are at a significant disadvantage to gain from this alleged corrupt system and most often you will loose.

The Republican Party followers are three basic groups, the rich, the single issue voter and the less idealist that believes in less government (Libertarianism). This article will not cover the idealist group because they believe “less is best” and that belief does not factor into this argument too much. This argument is basically focused on “my survival interests must prevail”.

Money gains power. Corporations, and the wealthy have way more money to fund the Republican party than the lower class single issue Republican voter. They are so wealthy that to pay lots of money to support a political party and candidates is a very small investment to ensure they get what they want. The wealthy have even found ways to put money into non-profit organizations and use this mechanism to not pay taxes.

Lets list some popular single issues:

  • Gun control
  • Abortion
  • Environment
  • Taxation
  • Illegal immigration
  • Animal rights
  • Labor union rights
  • Strong national defense

The Republican Party embraces some single issues to attract the lower classes to gain votes for their issues.

The Republican Party endorses the following (a partial list):

  • Deny gun control. The National Rifle Association is a lobby for gun manufacturers which wants unrestricted gun sales.
  • Fight environment controls because this is costly for business.
  • Try to diminish unions because unions deny unrestricted corporate control.
  • Support strong national defense because the United States arms manufacturers is a big powerful segment of our nation’s manufacturing and they are a powerful lobby.
  • An unborn child has an individual right to life and that abortion should be ended entirely.  This is a religious issue but the separation of church and state is seldom honored.
  • Against same sex marriage.
  • Immigration.  President Trump wants to build a wall to stop all immigration.  This is a white male fear or concern that they will loose status as more immigrants enter this country.

The real power is held by the wealthy because they fund candidates way more than any other group. The party tries to deliver to both groups, wealthy and lower class, as best as it can but the corporate and wealthy interests always win out. The Republican party tries to explain away contradictions, when they occur, in obtuse language and lies.

The less wealthy voter who thinks their single issue is very important fails to realize that that the wealthy class will move to push forward their agenda secretly which may hurt the less wealthy.  The recent tax cut is a perfect case which lowers the tax on the wealthy which caused the national debt to increase and then the Republicans said they have to fix this debt problem by hurting the less wealthy by cutting back on Medicare and Social Security, a perfect example of corruption.

Here are some of the ploys that the Republicans use to advance their wealthy clients positions:

The single issue voter unknowingly, hurts himself and herself and the rest of the citizens of this county by casting ballots that enrich corporations and the wealthy. This is just one more factor for creating divisions because there are voters that understand this manipulation scheme that the Republicans use and are resentful against the single issue voter for not understanding that they may be voting for way less important issues.

The Republican, who is attracted to that party for single issue reasons, such as abortion, gun rights, immigration may be played for a fool. The Republican Party really stands for corporate and wealthy interests. The party embraces single issues as a ploy, such as gun rights, immigration to gain followers to push what the party is really interested in which is to help the wealthy to keep their wealth and power.

The Republican Party also uses undemocratic methods to maintain power:

Concern and care for others does not seem to be the Republican way.  You are being played. You are being manipulated. You are going to loose more and more unless you wake up and cut the strings between you and your wealthy masters.

VOTE, and by doing so, save this county!


Posted October 22, 2018
Updated; October 23, 2018