Freefall, screen saver for the Mac.

Freefall, screen saver for the Mac.

(Originally reviewed 2006)

(March 14, 2015) We no longer recommend this software for the Mac.  Technical support appears to not exist.  The web site is pathetic.  I paid for a license but can not find an upgrade path, probably because there is no viable upgrade.  It is my guess that the software has not been updated for some time.  This is too bad because this product was, visually, very powerful.  NOT RECOMMENDED.

When I walked into a Macintosh computer store and spotted this software being displayed on the computer screen I was shocked. The graphics were special in that it showed the earth from so many views with simulated satellites flowing over the Earth. The almost complete configuration of display values was impressive. This software offers overlays of any category of satellites. Country borders, cities, longitude and latitude lines, current date and time can be toggled on or off. This program should be considered for grade school, middle school and high school science teachers. For anyone else who wishes to have a truly unique, mesmerizing screen saver, this software delivers.

Freefall version 1.2 could be run as a screen saver through the control panel or manually by going into the applications folder and turning it on as a stand alone application which should work best for school teachers.

You might do an Internet search with the name “Freefall” as there have been some people that had problem making this program work. I had absolutely NO problems at all with this program. I suggest you download the demo from the software provider and see if the program works on your computer first, before you buy it. Make darn sure you check to see if your Macintosh computer will support this software. The computations that this software must use are quite intense and really pushes the limits of your computer.

Update information: April 14, 2007.

I sent an e-mail message to a representative for Freefall when I discovered that the product was hard to find for me as a part of checking my site to ensure it is up to date. Here is part of the text reply I received back from that e-mail:

Thank you very much for the highly complimentary review of Freefall
(I think I ran across it once on Amazon)! The best link to Freefall is:

Also, we’re gearing up to release Freefall v. 2.

Aran (Anderson)

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