Dinner at Rainforest, Disney World.

Dinner at Rainforest, Disney World.

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe, Disney World in Florida, Marketplace (4-6-07).

I try not to write a review for a restaurant if it is pretty clearly a near or complete disaster. I do not want to be any part of a process of putting a restaurant out of business. But, I also have a responsibility to reveal what I think the truth is. This restaurant, Rainforest, appears to be a huge success.

Just weeks ago we joined another family at the Rainforest in Anaheim California. It was a disaster. We had reservations for eight. We had to wait well past a half hour past our appointed reservation time. Our party had to wait on two wait lines one after the other. We received a table for six. The parent that made the reservations took this affront personally. I felt for her. The food was average. The service was below par. I rate that restaurant unacceptable. I never want to go back. We did not conduct a food review for this restaurant.

At the Rainforest at Disney World in Florida, we had reservations for five.

Outside view of the Rainforest Cafe.

Another view of the outside of the Rainforest Cafe.

Once again the place was crowded with people, we had to wait a rather long time, it was noisy, food average, service was a tad better. I sat way out in an isle for people to walk too and from their tables by about five feet. Sitting at the end of a four-person table, to help make it work, I had insufficient room for my meal. I was uncomfortable.

Dining room of Rainforest Cafe, empty of customers.

Both times, the parents complained to one another about the experience being bad for the adults. It would appear that parents bring their families to this restaurant because of the contrived ambience of a jungle theme with robotic animals, huge fish tanks, phony thunder, and sound effects. A lot of life offers situations where you have to suffer a pain to get a gain. You get a unique phony restaurant experience for your children but your children might be the only ones enjoying. I recommend that you go to this restaurant when you might expect fewer people will be there. This place draws in a lot of people and the Rainforest work force does their best. The kitchen puts out a lot of meals rather quickly under a lot of pressure and seems to do this well. Do not expect to find any outstanding dishes.

Here now is the food review for the Rainforest at Disney World

Presentation of each dish placed on our table was very good.
Planet earth pasta was fair to good.
Calamari was deep fat fried, a method I do not appreciate but was a slight favorite.

For me, I rate this restaurant unacceptable. If you want to give your child a memorable experience at this theme park, there are a lot of other offerings where both child and adults will enjoy.

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