University with junk yard “art”, broken “statue” and sunken boat.

University with junk yard “art”, broken “statue” and sunken boat.

Here is a profile of a state university where, allegedly, enrollment is preeminent.

Overall, this university, allegedly, has a suspiciously low staff to customer ratio but this apparently does not show itself to the customer. This is remarkable as there is, allegedly no upward communication mechanisms existing on this campus except through the approved management tree. Here are some examples of missing communication opportunities:

  • No exit interviews when exiting this institution.
  • No ombudsman to hear complaints and resolve conflicts.
  • No staff council to hear staff input.
  • The staff and faculty union is allegedly not consulted on any issues.

No other mechanisms exist to hear what is going on at the front lines. Allegedly this is your typical medieval management system campus.

Another negative factor is this; allegedly the administration holds self-promotion as being important, sometimes at the expense of properly serving its customers.

Example: Their TV channel, on the local cable company, allegedly only offers self-glorifying pump pieces. The campus appears to not be a part of the community, if one watches their TV channel.

Example: TV equipment package that was configured by staff to produce sport and community remotes for local high schools, middle schools and community groups but was allegedly anchored in place, on campus, to thwart connection to the community.

Example: The Department of Radio-TV-Film, an academic department, was removed from a fully functional facility and folded into the president’s TV production facilities to allegedly create an illusion of an expanded complex. The sum is not greater than the parts but less.

Could it be that huge enrollment might be sited as an excuse for any discovered and reported transgressions?

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