Parking tip for Promenade

Parking tip for Promenade

Parking tip for The Eggery Etc., World’s Famous Restaurant, and parking for the Promenade in an underground parking garage.

This tip is intended to show you where to park for the following restaurants:

  • The Eggery Etc.
  • World Famous

There is a parking garage under the shopping complex of stores called the Promenade.  This very large shopping center is a very large shopping center up against the boardwalk street, Ocean Blvd.  The south end of the Promenade is where you enter an underground parking garage.  The north end of the Promenade is Reed Street and this is where you exit from the underground parking garage.

To enter the garage, come to the intersection of Mission Blvd and Pacific Beach Dr.  Turn west, toward the ocean on Pacific Beach Dr.  Just a short way down Pacific Beach Dr. you should notice a driveway cutting into the Promenade and as you get closer you should make out the driveway going under the buildings.  See the images provided.

Tip: If you intent to eat at the World Famous Restaurant, ask for a parking card from the hotel concierge which also serves to get you at the head of the line if there is one at this restaurant.  The card will give you free valet parking (saving you $3).  I spotted the valet booth going up at about 11 am at the Worlds Famous.  The hostess at the Worlds Famous will stamp the card to give you free parking in the Promenade parking structure if you decide to park your own car in this garage.  (Note that the Worlds Famous Restaurant is not part of the Promenade, not in the Promenade but must have this arrangement which is good for you and me).

Red arrow shows how to enter parking garage.

The image above was taken on Pacific Beach Drive as it approaches Mission Blvd, driving toward the ocean (west).  The buildings seen right of center are the Promenade.

This image shows the south side of the Promenade.  This part of Ocean Beach Drive is one way with a building in the middle and a one way street going east further off to the left.  Just follow the arrows.  The second arrow indicates that as you get to the back part of the Promenade you can turn into a parking lot drive way (seen below).  Drive slowly or you might pass the parking lot.  By the way, at the end of the street above is The World Famous Restaurant.  If you like to use valet parking, just continue down this street and the restaurant will be on your right hand side.

Enterance to the Promenade parking garage.

The picture above shows the parking lot entrance located at the south west corner of the Promenade.  Inside the Promenade is The Eggery Etc. Restaurant.

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